On Tuesday, September 17th, the international acceleration program “WWF Impact Ventures” was completed in Greece, celebrating its closing with a pitching event, held at Impact Hub Athens, where the teams presented their innovative business ideas and the winners of the program were announced.

The winners were:

For the area of Dadia

  1. Resilk:
    A company that builds on decades of tradition in silk production and creates innovative zero waste silk fabrics and natural silk dyes, creating new jobs, reducing waste and toxicity and reviving traditions in Dadia region.
  2. Open farm:
    A farm that sells quality meat of beef grown in the the wider area of the National Park supporting the endangered vultures by preserving openings in the forest that are important for finding food.
  3. Forest to Go:
    A company selling nuts across Europe that is going to offer a new line of nutritious forest fruits that will be grown in the buffer zone of the National Park.

For the area of Gyaros / Syros

  1. Geopedia:
    A company that offers educational tours to schools, individuals, families, and groups which enhance the understanding of the natural, historic, cultural and social context of a place, and thus promotes conservation and creates local value.
  2. Cyclades Allios:
    An online and print magazine, a one stop shop for nature and culture in the Cyclades that aims to be an outlet for low impact tourism providers and local producers to promote their offers.