What are we looking for

We are looking for entrepreneurs who can have a positive impact on one of the conservation challenges in Gyaros or Dadia.

  • Do you have an idea or a business with conservation objective?
  • Do you need a supporting infrastructure?
  • Do you want access to  national & global networks & potential impact investors?
  • Does your business model help local communities to protect nature while generating revenue?

Who can apply

We invite creative people with sustainable business ideas, start-ups or existing businesses that have the potential to enhance the conservation objectives in Dadia or Gyaros, to meet the challenge of developing their business skills and accelerating their conservation business in these areas.

Applications can be submitted by individuals, teams, or existing businesses and non-profits from Greece.

Applications from the conservation regions will have an advantage.

English skills are an advantage.

The application can be submitted in  Greek or English

Selection  criteria

  • IMPACT – on the conservation challenges in our priority ecoregions and the potential to contribute to the local economy and sustainable business in the region
  • FEASIBILITY –  capacity to deliver impact, concept/technology maturity, client/user traction
  • FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY  – a clear business case, based on earned income (selling products/services) that does not rely on outside funding from donations and grants
  • TEAM – strength, experience, and commitment

What do you get

A six-month Acceleration Program that will include:

  • Intense coaching
  • Impact business expertise
  • Tailor-made workshops and training
  • Access to global networks & potential impact investors

Awards in total value of EUR 20.000

We support you to create viable, financial, environmental and social business plans that can have a positive impact on two particularly important areas of natural environment in Greece: the Dadia – Lefkimi – Soufli Forest National Park, or the Marine Protected Area of ​​Gyaros.

How can you apply

Please fill in the application form before March 6th, 2019, in Greek or English, on the application platform.

Start your application